About Me

18050942My name is Kyle Adams. I am a storyteller above all else.

Ever since I was a teenager, I told stories publicly. Some were amused by my wit, some by my charisma, and some by my mistakes. I got better.

I spent some time as a drummer for a band around 2010. I couldn’t help but come up with songs, stories that would never be sung or published.

In 2013, I had a dream, and it stuck with me so much that I wrote it down. That was the first time I’d ever written for myself. And once I’d started, I couldn’t stop.

In the following years, I picked up Dungeons & Dragons, I wrote short and long fiction, and I collaborated with others to come up with story concepts and timelines. With practice, the fantasies I’d conjured continued to lay tracks in my head, even when I was away from a keyboard or a willing ear.

Once I’d conjured up something worth sharing, I ended up here.

When I can get out of my own head, I spend time in the southeastern US with my wonderful wife, child, and three cats.

Here’s hoping that you’ll enjoy experiencing stories with me!

-Kyle Adams