Golem Project Part 2

Draft 1.02

Golem Project in Progress

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The inking room was grungy and dim. Wessel was greeted as soon as he got through the door, by a man who sat back against a desk.

“How’s yer shoulder, little mate?”

Wessel rolled his shoulder at the prompting of the greasy, gold-toothed tattoo artist, prompting a grin from the man.

“Gifted doc, that’un. Gotchoo right up right quick, neh? Never even had to leave the waiting room.” Continue reading



I might have garnered some looks as I crossed Bourbon Street for my daily visit to my favorite coffee shop, a thick newspaper tucked under one arm. Why would people look? Well, for one, it was the twenty-first century. Newspapers were antiquated, though I still had one delivered to my doorstep every Sunday. Secondly, my outfit was rather conspicuous. It was as dated as the newspaper I carried, and the newspaper was marked for Sunday, February 17th, 1929.

Altogether, I was an odd sight. Long coat, a bowler hat that even a hipster wouldn’t be caught wearing, and an immaculate getup that was pressed clean from bowtie down to shined shoes. Continue reading

A specific note about dialogue tags

A note to other writers.

If you ever write a sentence in this format:

[“Blah blah blah,” He said, doing some other thing.]

It would usually be stronger without the tag. Since you have an action that is taking place at the time of the speaking, this is a great place to leave out “said.” It’s also easy to search through your manuscript for “said, ” to find and consider eliminating these clauses. That’s what I did to find the examples in this post.

So [“Blah blah blah,” He said, doing some other thing.] becomes [“Blah blah blah.” He did some thing.] Continue reading

An Immersive Game

The more atmophere, the better, right?


I stepped into the new game shop on the outskirts of town, awed by the stone masonry that made up the place. I mean, sure, it was paper-mache or something, but it was cool. A very lifelike bird in an old iron cage sat on the counter, between the Magic: The Gathering cards and a dusty Catan box. Plenty of variety. There were cases of figures and map tiles, well-painted to the point that they looked natural. Bookshelves decorated with sigils, and only one employee, a man with a leather vast and short-cropped brown beard. I only nodded to him as I entered, enraptured with the rest of the place. Were those… oil lamps, for lighting? I probably wouldn’t be able to afford anything in this place.

Luckily, I hadn’t come here to shop.

As I rounded a corner into the back room, I saw the group I’d joined online. And that was when I started to feel a little underdressed.

“Kancles!” one of them called to me. He was probably Hagglefart, the planned fighter of the group, judging by the freaking FULL PLATE ARMOR he was wearing. A sword sat by his side.


I didn’t sign up for LARPing. Continue reading

Golem Project

Draft 1.01

Golem Project in progress

April 30th. Wessel’s 12th birthday, and the day of his Inking Exam. The two other students standing before him, Lillian and Jakob, were celebrating their birthday this day as well. It was a day of discovery, of combat, of becoming a part of society. Wessel’s hands began to sweat.

One other figure stood in the room, behind the administrator. The figure was twice as tall as a man, plated in flexible material that gleamed with a dull bronze. Four multi-jointed arms protruded from the hulking figure, encircling the administrator. The figure did not breathe, did not move a hair. It was only there as a reminder. This was a special day for the three children, an important day. The Inking Exam. Continue reading

Monster In My Closet

Happy new year!

I’ve been enjoying the holidays, working on some audio projects, and playing Persona 5. It’s been a good season, and I’ve kept myself busy.

I’ve also been writing.


Monster In My Closet, the sequel to my quirky novella Monster Under My Bed, is available on Kindle!

I had fun using this story to explore Roger’s family, his relationship to the monsters that surround him, and… well, the monsters themselves. What types of monsters are out there? Which are the most terrifying? What should you do if you find yourself a marked target of these imaginary beings? Continue reading

Moon Mystery

Hello! I am still alive, still kicking. Just… going through some career reassessment at the moment, and getting back into Tabletop RPGs. It takes up a lot of my time.

But hey, I wrote a silly fantasy snippet from a writing prompt, and I’m in the habit of sharing those, so here you go!



Len tapped his foot on the cold stone floor, fidgeting with his pristine green robes. Two hours. It had been two hours, but still the pale yellow light shone on the circle in front of him. It shouldn’t have taken this long. Perhaps if he’d hired someone better, they could proceed. Continue reading