“Why be fascinated with outer space?” Gerry was once asked. “It’s mostly empty, impossible to reach, and utterly lifeless! We have unexplored territory right here on earth.”

“Where?” the boy asked.

“The oceans,” his uncle said, smiling. “Nobody knows for sure what is down there.”


Twenty-five years later, and Gerry was finding out what was down there.

Life. Continue reading

A Stranger on the Longer Road

I’m from the east. I live in a subdivision, in a small city, in the middle of the hill country of the south. I had thought, compared to giants like New York City or even Birmingham, I was in the middle of nowhere.

That changed on my first cross-country road trip. Somewhere in the North American midwest, I had stopped realizing where I was at all. In fact, there was a point where I was on a stretch of road through coarse dry land, and I had been on that single road for four hours without seeing another sign of civilization.

As it stood, I could probably make it another four hours before needing a gas station. I hoped my sedan could make it, and continued onward.

No houses. No cell service. No road signs. Continue reading

A Bottle of Remover

Strange the oddities you can find in the attic of a refurbished home. I was told that the previous owners of my house were eccentric, by five different neighbors, no less, but this was never more evident to me than when I found a bottle in my attic.

“Remover,” the label said.


Immediately, curiosity filled me. “Why,” I said, “this must be half a label. I cannot tell what it removes, or how to remove it.” Continue reading

The Monster Under My Bed

My first thought when I was bounced violently out of my sleep was, “Oh no, did I forget to feed the dog?” Unfortunately, the beast I had forgotten to feed was much bigger, much worse, and much less forgiving.

I crashed into the ceiling, saw stars, and then fell into the calloused green hand of a genuine monster. The rest of the creature glared at me from the gaping hole under my bed, fangs gleaming.


“MMmmMM OKAY,” I told my brain, “it might be good to wake up now.” Continue reading

Dragon vs. Cowboy

I’ve decided that I’m going to start throwing short stories and writing snippets on this blog. It will be a good place to collect the spur-of-the-moment writing that I do. I mean, would you rather read about yet another ‘author experience’, or read a neat little tale about dragons and cowboys?

Yeah, I thought so.


Dust swept across the trembling ground as John Michael Moort rode his steed into the canyon. He was close this time, he knew it. Continue reading

Through the Lichgate

It is done. After over a year of writing, editing, and reading, I present this to you:


My debut work is finished and published, both digitally and in print. It’s been a wild ride,  full of doubts and failures, but I’ve finally found my first story to tell.

Through the Lichgate started as just “Lich,” a book about an unlikely character. I wrote both devout Christianity and powerful necromancy into a teenage high-school girl to see if it would stick. And stick it did. Thana, the main character of Through the Lichgate, is her own person now with her own stories. And what’s more, she spawned a world, a villain, and some friends that are just as interesting as she is.

I really opened up a can of worms here. I hope they taste good. Continue reading

The Support of the Setting

I write Fantasy. Urban fantasy, mostly. I imagine that I’ll eventually branch out and give Science Fiction a shot, or try something more realistic, but so far I have stuck with Fantasy. I like fantasy. Why?

I told myself for years that it was because I liked writing without restraints, without being bound by the rules of the real world. Now that I think about it, this isn’t true. Every world has its own restraints, after all. The restraints that I create, like not being able to undo a spiritual bond, are no different than the real world limitation on human running speed.

Each setting provides rules that cannot be overcome, in one way or another. And each setting provides for amazing successes, deep and suspenseful plots, and moments that shock and astound.

Why then, do I write Fantasy? Continue reading