The Drama Club Presents:


1. Through the Lichgate

lichgatecoverThana Ayers may seem like any other girl her age, struggling to balance schoolwork, drama club activities, and her religious parents. But at night, she battles unholy monstrosities with her own astonishing abilities to control the dead. Thana’s never lost a battle. That is, until a mysterious creature appears unlike any she has faced before

This strange presence threatens to unravel Thana’s carefully balanced life and reveal her powers to the world. It also promises to show her the secrets of the lichgate and unlock her true power, but all power comes with a cost.

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Roger Whitt’s Monsters:


1. Monster Under My Bed


Roger Whitt has a monster under his bed. The creature is imaginary, but that doesn’t make it any less hungry. Or dangerous.

Despite growing up into a respectable young man, Roger has kept the sense of wonder he had as a child. Because of this, he sees what other kids see: monsters hiding in the shadows, under beds, in closets, and around corners. These monsters have gotten stronger as Roger got older, and now they threaten his life.

If Roger can’t keep a handle on his fears and learn to be a monster hunter, his own imagination will swallow him whole.

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2. Monster In My Closet

51bsbi64y3lRoger Whitt has a monster in his closet. Even if the creature is imaginary, it still has a very real effect on Roger’s life.

Daily, Roger has been threatened with attempted assassinations from monsters. As a monster hunter, he has dealt with these things before. But when the attacks become a little too targeted, and endanger the people around him, Roger knows he has to put an end to whatever is hunting him.

He may have to find some help along the way, if he doesn’t want to lose his home to the fears that lurk in the dark.

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Sequels and other books to come!