A Tale of Failure, Pitches, and Hooks

“You wrote a book?” asked the interested stranger.

“Sure did,” I said, my mind turning to all of the hours I spent tapping out words on my keyboard. The dream that I had made into reality. It was done. I had done it. And then, as I reminisced, the stranger asked a question.

“What is it about?”

I froze. I was not prepared for this question.

“Uh, a high-schooler… he, uh, is attacked by otherworldly demon-god things, and he learns… no, that’s a spoiler, um…”

“Never mind.” Continue reading


How Good is a Bad Book?

It’s time for a random-thought rambly mess of a┬ápost. Let’s get it over with.

Ever heard the term “So bad it’s good”? Ever see a cash-in adaptation of a toy into a movie that was horrendous? Ever read a book that tried to mimic the style of sucess and fail miserably?

These media failures, whether they be books, games, tv shows, movies, or songs, are nearly unavoidable, especially if you have kids or have ever been one.

Some people might complain about the lack of quality in these books. Some might rail against the horrible productions that clitter our theaters, bookshelves, bargain bins, and game shops. I’m happy that they exist. Continue reading

Waiting for the Green Flag

Over half a year I’ve been writing on this blog. Over half a year I’ve been calling myself an ‘author’, though ‘writer’ or ‘novelist’ might have been better terms. Because, as of yet, I still have not published a single book.

In the past two years, I have written about 220,000 words, split over a bunch of different projects. I have completed drafts of two short stories, three novels, and have begun a couple of other projects. All of those words, and I’m still not including anything I have done on this blog. I didn’t want to add it all up. Why have I not published anything? Continue reading

Imagination vs. Reality, or Graphic vs. Novel

Ever think about the difference between a graphic novel and a novel? They might seem somewhat similar, but I just thought about an interesting element at play, and now I have to post about it.

So, in a graphic novel, everything is placed in a two-dimensional image. We can imagine the third dimension, as we do with any 2d picture, but we have a pretty great idea of what the scene looks like. The only in-the-moment elements conveyed in words are the sounds that are in the scene.

In an actual novel, the faraway mountain range that was so beautiful in the graphic novel may be written as “Snow-topped mountains.” That’s it. That is all of the explanation that is provided. The rest is imagined.

The reason for all of this, of course, is that while looking at pretty mountains takes about half of a second, reading a description of the fog that settles on the rocky peaks of a misaligned mountain range while snow dusts the trees that reach up toward its balding caps is so tedious and bording that you probably just skimmed this horrific sentence.

Reading a description takes longer than seeing the thing visually. Does this make graphic novels better? Continue reading

A United Nation: The Approach of a Writer

It’s over. The 2016 Election was an amazing script, and kept me guessing until the very end. The epilogue is about to begin, and will most likely last four years. Some of the 300 million characters in this story lost. Some of them won. And now, we deal with the aftermath. A divided nation.

Clinton speaks to supporters at a primary night party in Columbia
I like reusing pictures.

It’s fun seeing this election as a story. Though, something funny happens when viewing America in this way. Those voters, the people that are celebrating or lamenting the results right now? They are characters in this story. Continue reading

It’s Feasting Time!

When I was younger, I managed to read most of the Redwall books by Brian Jacques. If you haven’t read them, imagine rodents and other small mammals living around an abbey, fighting wars against vermin. When I think back, I remember a few of the plots pretty well, and the series definitely have some memorable villains, heroes, and hare-oines.

But what I remember most… is the food.

It seems like every book, almost without fail, had a feast scene. Those scenes are what I remember most. Continue reading